UI/UX Design

Elevating Experiences: Our UI/UX Design Symphony

At InventoCrew, our UI/UX design process is a symphony of innovation and user-centricity. We orchestrate seamless digital journeys that captivate and delight.

From conceptualization to implementation, our approach combines creative flair with meticulous planning, resulting in designs that not only look stunning but also resonate with your audience’s needs and preferences.

Our UI/UX Design Journey

At InventoCrew, our UI/UX design process harmoniously blends creativity with user-centric principles. We meticulously craft each phase, from in-depth user research to interactive prototyping and rigorous usability testing, culminating in visually stunning and intuitively functional designs.

Steps in the UI/UX Design Process:

User Research and Understanding
  • Conducting in-depth user interviews and surveys.
  • Analyzing user behaviors and preferences.
  • Creating user personas for targeted design.
Information Architecture and Wireframing
  • Structuring content and layout for intuitive navigation.
  • Creating wireframes to outline key design elements.
  • Defining the overall flow and interaction patterns.
Interactive Prototyping
  • Developing interactive prototypes for user testing.
  • Gathering feedback on functionality and usability.
  • Refining prototypes based on user insights.
Visual Design Exploration
  • Exploring diverse visual styles and aesthetics.
  • Crafting a cohesive design language.
  • Choosing color palettes, typography, and imagery.
Usability Testing and Iteration
  • Conducting usability tests to identify pain points.
  • Iterating designs based on user feedback.
  • Ensuring seamless user interactions and experiences.
Final Design and Handoff
  • Creating pixel-perfect, finalized designs.
  • Preparing design assets for development.
  • Providing comprehensive documentation for seamless handoff.

Our Pricing Plan



$280Per project
  • Responsive Design
  • Source Files
  • Number of Designed Sections - 5
  • Revisions - 2
  • Delivery Time - 10 Days


$580Per project
  • Responsive Design
  • Source Files
  • Number of Designed Sections - 10
  • Revisions - 4
  • Delivery Time - 20 Days


$980Per project
  • Responsive Design
  • Source Files
  • Number of Designed Sections - 20
  • Revisions - 6
  • Delivery Time - 40 Days

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